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​Floor classification, characteristics and uses

      ​Floor classification, characteristics and uses

      Floor classification, characteristics and uses
      1, solid wood flooring solid wood flooring is made of natural
      materials - wood, without any bonding process, from the processing
      machinery and equipment, the characteristics of the floor is to maintain
      the natural materials - wood properties. Cheap balcony flooringSolid
      wood flooring are common flat floors, tongue and groove flooring,
      refers to the floor, integration refers to the floor. 2, parquet wood
      flooring is a generic term, in fact, can be divided into multi-layer
      parquet, three-layer parquet. Class size floor features better
      stability. outdoor fence Dealer(1)
      wood flooring. The floor structure is multilayered wood plywood for the
      substrate, the substrate on which to stick a certain thickness of the
      precious metal sheet or plate mosaic Sliced ??veneer for the panel, by a
      synthetic resin adhesive - urea-formaldehyde resin or phenolic resin
      glue hot pressing, and then processing machinery and equipment into the

      2, three-layer parquet. Floor structures like "sandwich" the same.
      That surface using high-quality precious hardwood slats mosaic
      specifications plate, center of the substrate layer using soft
      fast-growing wood, the use of fast-growing wood floor in poplar or
      hardwood. Three synthetic resin adhesive sheet by hot pressing, and then
      processing machinery and equipment into the floor.durable patio decking
      Laminate flooring laminate flooring scientific name Laminate flooring.
      It is also the three-tier structure: the surface is wear-resistant
      material containing melamine resin impregnated decorative paper, the
      core of the high-density fiberboard or particleboard, the bottom of the
      balance sheet impregnated with phenolic resin. Layer by synthetic resin
      adhesive under heat and pressure, the characteristics of such a floor,
      good wear resistance and dimensional stability.

      3, bamboo flooring 1) bamboo flooring. Although the use of such
      material is bamboo flooring, bamboo but also belong to plant-based, with
      cellulose, lignin and other ingredients, so it always put into the
      bamboo wood science, so although the material is not wood, but also go
      in wood floor ranks. Bamboo is characterized by wearable, specific
      gravity greater than traditional wood, through pest control,
      anti-corrosion treatment processing, bleaching and color carbide two
      kinds. 2) bamboo flooring.outdoor decking
      Such floors are bamboo surface and the bottom, in the middle of soft
      wood, usually spruce, the class structure of the floor deformation. 5,
      cork flooring cork flooring is actually working or not with wood floor
      but in the bark of cork oak trees as raw material, crushing, pressing at
      the plate, and then through the floor into the processing machinery and
      equipment. This sheet shape is similar to the soft planks, so people
      mistakenly referred to as "softwood" has been continued to the present,
      so it has also called cork flooring the floor. Its characteristics are
      light, soft, foot feeling good.